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ARTBnk provides insights into the financial performance of fine art using artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to more than 50 years of auction sales. In Addepar, leverage fine art indexes to connect with clients passionate about art and alternative investment strategies.

Last updated: 01-19-2023

Unbiased fine art financial insights

  • ARTBnk uses science and technology to provide clean and curated financial data in a notoriously opaque market.

No need to be an art expert

  • You don’t have to be an expert in art history to competently speak to the financial performance of art assets. ARTBnk’s insights help you approach fine art in the same way as any other market segment.

Create meaningful connections with your clients

  • Understanding the financial performance of the art market allows advisors to connect to their client’s passions and create deeper and more meaningful relationships.

Elevate your alternatives investment strategy

  • Art is a potent alternative and uncorrelated asset class. Inform your investment strategy with ARTBnk’s powerful financial insights.

More details

  • Historical data available: Yes
  • Update frequency: Quarterly
  • Run dates: Monday - Saturday
  • Identifiers: Proprietary