CAPS, inc.

CompositeHub™ is CAPS' cloud-based composite management and reporting solution. The integration enables clients to import portfolio-level data (attributes and performance) into CompositeHub, where a rules engine automates the construction of your composites for easier GIPS® and SEC reporting.

Composites and performance reporting

  • Founded by a verifier, CAPS focuses on composite management and reporting. Their support staff is extremely knowledgeable and readily available.


  • Beyond supporting clients’ use of the software, CAPS continually builds workflow enhancements into CompositeHub™, making it easier and more effective to use.

Composite integrity

  • CompositeHub™ can tell you why a portfolio is in – or not in – a composite for any given month. Tracking portfolios over time is their specialty and unique to CAPS' system.

Experience with challenges

  • CAPs, inc. has worked with hundreds of companies of different sizes and complexities for more than 25 years. Most have unique situations or things they believe can’t be handled by software. CAPS helps firms integrate their composite workflow into their software so everything is tracked in one place, complete with audit trails.


  • Built on top of the Microsoft Azure cloud-computing platform, CompositeHub™ has been built from the ground up to be secure, scalable, flexible, redundant, and able to leverage all that cloud-computing has to offer.

Reports for everyone

  • CompositeHub™ provides reports for compliance, sales, marketing, executives, and especially verifiers. Easily provide the information needed to interested parties in PDF, Excel, or both formats. Create report packages and run multiple reports at once.