Jacobi streamlines multi-asset portfolio design, analysis, and engagement. Sync portfolio holdings and attributes from Addepar to Jacobi to run ex-post and ex-ante analytics, and run 'what-if' scenarios for hypothetical portfolios.

Build stronger portfolios

  • Perform bespoke, forward-looking, and historical analysis for different scenarios and stress events while managing portfolio risk and return objectives.

Improve client and stakeholder engagement

  • Level-up engagement with crisp visualizations that are white-labeled and configurable.

Customize and scale portfolio solutions

  • Integrate dashboards and other workspaces into Jacobi to streamline your workday.

Leverage next-generation infrastructure

  • Private, cloud-based, continuously upgraded software keeps your business scalable and secure.

Easily connect and integrate

  • Jacobi’s open architecture allows you to easily integrate your software development kit, quant server, and database.