SideDrawer’s cloud-based platform offers a simplified and streamlined implementation to eliminate repetitive tasks and automate daily workflows, and hands-on support to set up the integration with Addepar.

Engage the next-generation

  • There’s no better way to engage a clients’ family members then through controlled permission to sensitive documents, such as their will, POA, estate plan, financial plan, etc. With ~60% of 3rd party collaborators being family members, SideDrawer has helped facilitate the relationship building between advisors, clients and the family that will inherit their assets.

Avoid putting your emails at risk

  • SideDrawer's award-winning collaborative platform reduces the need for email-based information exchange, contributing to lower email volume and limiting exposure to phishing, malware, ransomware, or BEC attacks.

Represent complex Addepar portfolios in SideDrawer

  • SideDrawer adapts your data model and prebuilt hierarchy within Addepar. Easily handles the complex relationship networks Advisors deal with in real life, SideDrawer’s integration with Addepar offers immediate return on investment.