YieldX offers investors the ability to create and optimize customized portfolios of income-producing investments. With the integration, users can pull in their Addepar portfolios, analyze asset-level data, and generate optimizations to increase yield, mitigate risk, or target income levels.

Maximize investments while limiting risk

  • Construct customized portfolios from over 2.5 million yield-driven, liquid assets to achieve consistency in income while limiting risk and expense.

Scan for opportunities

  • Optimize portfolios to ensure that you don’t take more risk than necessary, while yielding the highest possible return.

Keep everything in sync

  • Seamlessly rebalance portfolios and sync positions back into Addepar with the click of a button. Your model portfolios will stay up-to-date with real-time market pricing.

Optimize SMAs, UMAs, and other investment products

  • Take a product- and issuer-agnostic view of your portfolios to construct and optimize SMAs, UMAs, and other investment products.

Create a cohesive brand experience

  • White label YieldX with your company's name, logo, and branding to foster client engagement, loyalty, and revenue creation.